Hitman – Hints & Tips

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Guest Blog By Joshua Houseman 14/08/2018

hitman agent 47Here I will show you where locations of  elusive targets, secret weapons on your favorite maps like Bangkok and Paris , how to get the hard hidden challenges and much more.


So, challenges tell you what to do, however there are some that you are not told how to do.. they just leave hints in the titles. For instance, in Paris the ‘bull in a china shop’ challenge, you have to simply break a vase in an upstairs room. Unfortunately, not all of them are this easy to get.. I wish they were, but I usually do the challenges when I’m doing a ‘kill everyone challenge’ as there is no one to stop you like when you have to pop 5 inflatable crocs in sapienza (which is quite hard to find all of them but it is very satifying.)

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