Fortnite Battle Royale – How To Win!

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Ok, this is one of the most played games at the moment so we thought we’d best dedicate a page to it. Yes it’s an awesome game but No it’s not easy to win ! At the time of writing this page, I have only ever successfully come 2nd.. First place has eluded me for 196 attempts !!

So let’s hear your tips and tricks in the comments below. I will share with you my strategies and maybe you can tell me where I’m going wrong. Fortnite Battle Royale is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Mac and is a completely free PVP (Player Vs Player) game. Warning: If you have never played this game before then you’d best take a FORTNITE off work.. It’s ridiculously addictive.

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So as I leap from the american school bus suspended from a hot air balloon (Weird I know!), the first thing on my mind is get to ground faster than the others and find some weapons. However, I also want to be somewhere near the centre of the map as this is more likely near to where the end game is played out. Therefore, I usually head for ‘Loot Lake’, the lodge in the centre of the lake is quite lucrative.

I usually favour landing on the porch where i normally find a weapon. Run through the ground floor hallway collecting other weapons on route and head up the stairs. At this point you will usually hear other players smashing their way through the roof if they have followed you to the lodge. Leave them to it and head straight for the bedroom at the end of the landing (2nd door).

Inside the bedroom there’s usually a chest. I would raid that as fast as I can smash the ‘X’ button, close the door and hide behind the bed! Now this may sound sneaky or wimpy, but it’s a great way to get other players to deliver room service 🙂 Wait for someone to open the door and then hit them with everything you’ve got. Grab their stash and then close the door and repeat until you know the house is clear.

fortnite battle royale loot lake

I would now go and check for remaining chests.. Usually found in the attic and underneath the lodge in the small cave. There’s also usually ammo boxes in the bathroom next door to the bedroom and on the hall landing. By this point I usually have a few sneaky kills under my belt, the storm circle has narrowed and only 30-40 players remain in the game.

If the lodge remains in the eye of the storm then you’re still in business as you are still in a solid structure surrounded by water. If you need to make a move to mainland then do so but carefully. If I have acquired the sniper rifle by this point then I would head back to the bedroom, jump on the bed and snipe any baddies through the window.

Once you set off through the water, look for the shortest route to land whilst keeping an eye out for the enemy. If you’re feeling brave, there may be more goodies in a nearby chest upon a rowing boat, but usually it’s good policy just to get to mainland asap. Once on land, hide behind a tree or in a bush, check your surroundings and then proceed to head towards the eye of the storm.

fortnite battle royale building

Well that’s my main strategy for getting off to a good start but after this it all gets a bit impromptu! I usually stay on the outskirts of eye of the storm and follow it in as it closes as most players are smack in the centre by now building away. Now this is one of my weakest points.. I can build, but not very fast! To come first in Fortnite Battle Royale, building is key! I say this because I’ve came 2nd around 30 times, losing out to some swine with a large erection!

Mark Davies – One Last Go.